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The Naut-Ec Project presents several circularity initiatives in Catalan ports

As part of a new training day for the Naut-EC project, we learned about three examples of circularity projects in Catalan ports through the Port of Barcelona, ​​Marina Tarraco and Viltec.

Carles Rua, head of innovation at the Port of Barcelona, ​​has highlighted that the main objective of the Port is to generate prosperity in its surroundings and become a smart logistic hub, based on economic, social and environmental sustainability. Rua has listed the various circularity initiatives such as the plan they are developing to electrify the docks of the Port, the project to take advantage of the cold produced by the Enagas power station or the creation of energy communities at the fishermen's wharf. Also the hair recycling pilot project to absorb hydrocarbon spills in the water and create anti-spill barriers or the shipCoop project to take advantage of unused cruise ship food (25% of the 700,000kg surplus) and the project Support for using wastewater and organic waste from ships to generate biogas.

Marc Borràs, from the OCIBAR project in Marina Tarraco, has presented his project for installing photovoltaics in the marina. They have about forty plates in two buildings of the navy to be able to generate consumption for these facilities. It also presents two OCIBAR initiatives: the creation of an air barrier to preserve the dock and control hydrocarbon spills and the waste that accumulates in Marina Tarraco and the project to install floats at 500m from the breakwater of Port Adriano (Port of Mallorca).

Finally, from Viltec, Paula and Miquel Vilanova explained the Marconn project of intelligent, sustainable and ecological towers, manufactured in Catalonia with local materials. These turrets for the docks are sustainable and reusable, the whole process thought of from a sustainable point of view. All the elements used can be recycled or reused and the turret can be customized.

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Two projects with benefits for the marine ecosystem win the second edition of B-Blue program

The Barcelona City Council, through Barcelona Activa, in collaboration with Costa Cruceros and the Port of Barcelona, has awarded two projects in the second edition of B-Blue.



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Barcelona Clúster Nàutic


Barcelona Clúster Nàutic

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